As a first-generation immigrant to the United States, I long even more to understand my family’s roots.

My opportunity came when I attended graduate school in Mexico City. While sitting at my mother’s kitchen table, I reconnected with her,  Isabel Barquera, as is her maiden name. We were talking over a delicious plate of Mexican cuisine, which in Mexico is called antojitos.

Mom would tell me her grandmother’s stories about how one of the Barquera family relatives would distill spirits in the Basque region of Spain. Our ancestors distill spirits in the Americas, but as time passed, the craft was lost with the newer generations.

For me, the traditions of the Barquera family were yearning to come alive. What better way to honor the past than to create a great distilled spirit such as Tequila, which unites the old country with Mexico.

After several adjustments, we proudly present our perfected Tequila, Hacienda de la Barquera, which uses only 100% pure agave. In the making of Hacienda de la Barquera, we use traditional distilling methods and capitalize on the benefits of incorporating new technology. The result is a truly fine Tequila.

Celebra Salud, Dinero y Amor con Hacienda de la Barquera Tequila!